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Stress and Midlife

Women's Midlife Health is accepting submissions to our ongoing Thematic Series, Stress and Midlife. This Series accepts original research, reviews, and commentaries and aims to highlight key questions confronting women and clinicians regarding stress and its impact on health and functioning during the midlife years.

Manuscripts should be formatted according to the Women's Midlife Health submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. All articles will undergo the journals full standard peer-review process and will be published upon acceptance. In the submission system please select the correct series title and also indicate in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for this special series. More information about the series and the journal, including full aims & scope and Editorial Board, can be found on the journal website.

This thematic series is ongoing and new manuscripts will be added upon acceptance.

  1. Midlife is a time of increased responsibilities for women who have multiple roles including taking care of children, caring for elderly parents, managing households, and working outside the home. With little t...

    Authors: Annette Joan Thomas, Ellen Sullivan Mitchell, Kenneth C. Pike and Nancy Fugate Woods
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2023 9:6
  2. To examine the undesirable stressful life events midlife women experience, including: 1) which life events midlife women reported most frequently; 2) which life events women rated as most undesirable; and 3) w...

    Authors: Annette Joan Thomas, Ellen Sullivan Mitchell and Nancy Fugate Woods
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2019 5:1
  3. Women in mid-life experience unique stressors, including transitions within their family roles, informal caregiving, job stress, and perceived discrimination. The impact of these stressors on cardiovascular he...

    Authors: Andrea L. Stewart, Ummul-Kiram Kathawalla, Alexandra G. Wolfe and Susan A. Everson-Rose
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2018 4:11
  4. Stress has been implicated as a factor in the presence and severity of symptoms during the menopausal transition. Our primary aim was to test the hypothesis that stress-sensitive biological measures and self-r...

    Authors: Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Laura Huicochea-Gómez, Diana Cahuich-Campos, Dana-Lynn Ko’omoa-Lange and Daniel E. Brown
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2018 4:9
  5. Because the ovarian follicle pool is established in utero, adverse exposures during this period may be especially impactful on the size and health of the initial follicle endowment, potentially shaping traject...

    Authors: Maria E. Bleil, Paul English, Jhaqueline Valle, Nancy F. Woods, Kyle D. Crowder, Steven E. Gregorich and Marcelle I. Cedars
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2018 4:5
  6. Stress is ubiquitous in everyday life, and chronic stress can have negative consequences for health and social welfare. Although a growing body of research addresses the relationships between stress, health, a...

    Authors: Lynnette Leidy Sievert, Nicole Jaff and Nancy Fugate Woods
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2018 4:4
  7. In women, midlife is a period of social and physiological change. Ostensibly stressful, cross-sectional studies suggest women experience decreasing stress perceptions and increasing positive outlook during thi...

    Authors: Elizabeth Hedgeman, Rebecca E. Hasson, Carrie A. Karvonen-Gutierrez, William H. Herman and Siobán D. Harlow
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2018 4:2