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Sharing clinical research data

Edited by: Dr Andrew Vickers

 A thematic series published in Trials.

  1. We aimed to make individual patient data from the International Stroke Trial (IST), one of the largest randomised trials ever conducted in acute stroke, available for public use, to facilitate the planning of ...

    Authors: Peter AG Sandercock, Maciej Niewada and Anna Członkowska
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:101

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Trials 2012 13:24

  2. Public confidence in clinical trials has been eroded by data suppression, misrepresentation and manipulation. Although various attempts have been made to achieve universal trial registration- e.g., Declaration...

    Authors: Zhao-Xiang Bian and Tai-Xiang Wu
    Citation: Trials 2010 11:64
  3. In recognition of the benefits of transparent reporting, many peer-reviewed journals require that their authors be prepared to share their raw, unprocessed data with other scientists and/or state the availabil...

    Authors: Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, Melissa L Norton, Andrew J Vickers and Douglas G Altman
    Citation: Trials 2010 11:9