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Sensitizing Properties of Proteins: State of the Science

A review series published in Clinical and Translational Allergy

The Protein Allergenicity Technical Committee of the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) organized a symposium on the sensitizing properties of proteins in Prague in April 2012. Experts discussed known mechanisms by which proteins may cause sensitization, shared information about experimental models for predicting protein sensitizing potential, and explored whether such experimental techniques may be applicable in regulatory settings. In addition to an Executive Summary, three accompanying reviews address the critical factors and methods for assessing allergic sensitization.

Publication charges for this collection were funded by ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute, a non-profit organization. Articles have undergone the journal’s standard peer-review process.

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  1. Content type: Review

    Presented here are emerging capabilities to precisely measure endogenous allergens in soybean and maize, consideration of food matrices on allergens, and proteolytic activity of allergens. Also examined are ob...

    Authors: Scott McClain, Christal Bowman, Montserrat Fernández-Rivas, Gregory S Ladics and Ronald van Ree

    Citation: Clinical and Translational Allergy 2014 4:11

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Review

    Allergic sensitization is the outcome of a complex interplay between the allergen and the host in a given environmental context. The first barrier encountered by an allergen on its way to sensitization is the ...

    Authors: Ronald van Ree, Lone Hummelshøj, Maud Plantinga, Lars K Poulsen and Emily Swindle

    Citation: Clinical and Translational Allergy 2014 4:12

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Review

    Experimental in silico, in vitro, and rodent models for screening and predicting protein sensitizing potential are discussed, including whether there is evidence of new sensitizations and allergies since the intr...

    Authors: Gregory S Ladics, Jeremy Fry, Richard Goodman, Corinne Herouet-Guicheney, Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber, Charlotte B Madsen, André Penninks, Anna Pomés, Erwin L Roggen, Joost Smit and Jean-Michel Wal

    Citation: Clinical and Translational Allergy 2014 4:13

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Review

    The scope of allergy risk is diverse considering the myriad ways in which protein allergenicity is affected by physiochemical characteristics of proteins. The complexity created by the matrices of foods and th...

    Authors: Lars K Poulsen, Gregory S Ladics, Scott McClain, Nancy G Doerrer and Ronald van Ree

    Citation: Clinical and Translational Allergy 2014 4:10

    Published on: