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Call for papers - How robotics is transforming healthcare

Guest Editors

Olivier Lambercy, PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Mohammad Habibur Rahman, PhD, P. Eng., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Submission Status: Open   |   Submission Deadline: 22 November 2024

BMC Digital Health is calling for submissions to our Collection, How robotics is transforming healthcare. This collection aims to explore the integration of robotics into healthcare systems, emphasizing their transformative impact on patient outcomes, healthcare delivery, and the overall well-being of individuals.

New Content ItemThis Collection supports and amplifies research related to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Meet the Guest Editors

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Olivier Lambercy, PhD, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Olivier Lambercy is Adjunct Professor and the co-Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory at ETH Zurich.  His research focuses on the development and clinical application of technological solutions to improve limb assessment, therapy and assistance after neurological injuries. He is a board member of the International Consortium for Rehabilitation Robotics, a member and principal investigator at the Singapore-ETH Center as part of the Future Health Technologies program, and serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation since 2017.

Mohammad Habibur Rahman, PhD, P. Eng., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Mohammad Habibur Rahman, PhD, P.Eng. is an Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and an Affiliate Professor in the Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the founding director of the BioRobotics Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For more than 18 years, he has researched rehabilitation and assistive robotics, emphasizing designing, developing, and controlling rehabilitation/assistive robots to assist individuals with upper/lower extremity dysfunctions. His background encompasses mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, robotics and control disciplines, and rehabilitation/biomedical engineering. His research interests include Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics, Telerehabilitation, Mixed Reality, IoT, Intelligent Systems and Control, Digital Twin, Mobile Robotics, Nonlinear Control, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Systems and Control. 

About the Collection

BMC Digital Health is calling for submissions to our Collection, How robotics is transforming healthcare. 

In an era where robotics is increasingly being used in healthcare, understanding the impact of these technologies is crucial for shaping the future of patient care. From enhancing surgical precision and enabling remote patient monitoring to leveraging artificial intelligence for more accurate diagnostics, these innovations have improved treatment outcomes and expanded access to healthcare. Continued exploration of this field holds the promise of further breakthroughs, including the development of smarter, more intuitive robotic systems, personalized treatment plans, and novel novel interventions along the continuum of care. By deepening our collective understanding of how robotics transforms healthcare, we not only pave the way for more efficient and effective healthcare delivery but also open avenues for addressing current and future health challenges.

We invite contributions that examine a wide range of topics relating to the impact of robotics on healthcare, including but not limited to:

  • Medical robotics in precision surgery
  • Telemedicine and robotics for remote patient monitoring
  • Robotic diagnostics and advancements in medical imaging
  • Rehabilitation robotics for enhanced therapy
  • Social robots in elderly care and innovations in patient support
  • Ethical considerations in healthcare robotics
  • Prosthetics and other assistive technologies in advancing patient mobility

This collection supports and amplifies research related to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being.

Please email Alison Cuff, the editor for BMC Digital Health, ( if you would like more information before you submit.

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There are currently no articles in this collection.

Submission Guidelines

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This Collection welcomes submission of original Research Articles. Should you wish to submit a different article type, please read our submission guidelines to confirm that type is accepted by the journal. Articles for this Collection should be submitted via our submission system, Snapp. During the submission process you will be asked whether you are submitting to a Collection, please select "How robotics is transforming healthcare" from the dropdown menu.

Articles will undergo the journal’s standard peer-review process and are subject to all of the journal’s standard policies. Articles will be added to the Collection as they are published.

The Editors have no competing interests with the submissions which they handle through the peer review process. The peer review of any submissions for which the Editors have competing interests is handled by another Editorial Board Member who has no competing interests.