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Recent Reviews published in Genome Biology

This list will be updated with all our new Reviews. Genome Biology publishes Reviews that are open access and therefore free to read and share.

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  1. We have witnessed an explosion in our understanding of the evolution and structure of plant genomes in recent years. Here, we highlight three important emergent realizations: (1) that the evolutionary history of

    Authors: Jonathan F. Wendel, Scott A. Jackson, Blake C. Meyers and Rod A. Wing
    Citation: Genome Biology 2016 17:37
  2. RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) has a wide variety of applications, but no single analysis pipeline can be used in all cases. We review all of the major steps in RNA-seq data analysis, including experimental design, ...

    Authors: Ana Conesa, Pedro Madrigal, Sonia Tarazona, David Gomez-Cabrero, Alejandra Cervera, Andrew McPherson, Michał Wojciech Szcześniak, Daniel J. Gaffney, Laura L. Elo, Xuegong Zhang and Ali Mortazavi
    Citation: Genome Biology 2016 17:13

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Genome Biology 2016 17:181