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New Content Item​​​Edited by Prof Mathieu Blanchette and Prof Aïda Ouangraoua 

Algorithms for Molecular Biology is proud to present the extended proceedings of the 16th annual RECOMB Comparative Genomics Satellite Conference (RECOMB-CG). RECOMB-CG brings together top researchers in the mathematical, computational, and life sciences to discuss cutting edge research in comparative genomics, with an emphasis on computational approaches and the analysis of novel experimental results. The conference welcomes work on any theoretical and/or empirical approach to genome-wide comparison, as you will find in these research articles. RECOMB-CG is the oldest and one of the most prestigious conference series in bioinformatics. Some of the most prominent names in the field are involved and regularly publish their best papers there. 

This collection of articles has not been sponsored and articles have undergone the journal’s standard peer-review process. The Guest Editors declare no competing interests.

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  1. The classical gene and species tree reconciliation, used to infer the history of gene gain and loss explaining the evolution of gene families, assumes an independent evolution for each family. While this assum...

    Authors: Mattéo Delabre, Nadia El-Mabrouk, Katharina T. Huber, Manuel Lafond, Vincent Moulton, Emmanuel Noutahi and Miguel Sautie Castellanos
    Citation: Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2020 15:12
  2. In the field of genome rearrangement algorithms, models accounting for gene duplication lead often to hard problems. For example, while computing the pairwise distance is tractable in most duplication-free mod...

    Authors: Aniket C. Mane, Manuel Lafond, Pedro C. Feijao and Cedric Chauve
    Citation: Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2020 15:8
  3. Non-parametric and semi-parametric resampling procedures are widely used to perform support estimation in computational biology and bioinformatics. Among the most widely used methods in this class is the stand...

    Authors: Wei Wang, Jack Smith, Hussein A. Hejase and Kevin J. Liu
    Citation: Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2020 15:7
  4. The area of genome rearrangements has given rise to a number of interesting biological, mathematical and algorithmic problems. Among these, one of the most intractable ones has been that of finding the median ...

    Authors: Leonid Chindelevitch, Sean La and Joao Meidanis
    Citation: Algorithms for Molecular Biology 2019 14:16