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Call for papers: Public mental health

​​​​​​​Edited by Johan Bilsen and Patrick Cloos

Mental health © agsandrew / iStock​​​​​​​Archives of Public Health invites you to submit to our new article collection focussing on public mental health.

The WHO points to the fact that mental disorders (e.g. depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders) are the leading cause of ill-health and disability worldwide. Mental disorders impact people of all ages and backgrounds, affecting not only individuals but also their family, social network, and the society as a whole.  Around one fifth of the world’s children and adolescents have mental health problems, while mental illness leads to about 800,000 suicides each year. Nevertheless, there are still substantial social inequalities in the accessibility of services. This includes significant disparities in mental health facilities, and expenditures between lower and higher income countries. Furthermore, the misunderstanding and stigma around mental illness is still widespread. This collection looks to approach mental health from a global, public, and interdisciplinary perspective. It aims to understand how political, social, and cultural factors co-determine mental health or illness, and to inform effective action to promote mental health.

We are interested in articles that address public mental health understanding, or interventions that can help to target mental disorders and promote mental health globally. We welcome manuscripts focusing on public mental health issues such as: assessment tools and indicators, policy, availability and accessibility of mental health systems and services, socio-economic aspects, epidemiology of mental health and its co-morbidity, social determinants, inequalities and inequities, contribution of social sciences to public mental health, and current insights in prevention and promotion strategies. 

Manuscripts can address whole populations, or more vulnerable subgroups such as: the elderly, adolescents, and minorities. We will also consider manuscripts that address mental health in the context of specific circumstances (e.g. wars, terrorism, sexual abuse, migration, and extreme climate disasters) and are interested in issues closely related to mental health such as discrimination and stigma, or human rights violations. We are also interested in new developments in mental health care, such as alternative or community mental health care.

The collection is open for submissions of systematic reviews, research, and commentary articles, which would undergo the journal’s normal peer review process and article processing charge. Manuscripts should be formatted according to our submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. In the submission system please make sure the correct collection title is chosen from the additional information tab. Please also indicate clearly in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the collection.

  1. Men are more likely to have unmet need for mental healthcare than women. However, an under-investigated aspect of the gender difference is the role of mental health literacy. This study investigated how combin...

    Authors: Sara Blom, Frida Lindh, Andreas Lundin, Bo Burström, Gunnel Hensing and Jesper Löve
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2024 82:12
  2. Mental health problems are a common phenomenon among higher-education students. How these mental health problems manifest themselves appears to differ between male and female students. While the latter group b...

    Authors: Sarah Van de Velde, Anneleen De Cuyper, Leen De Kort, Kimberly Jacobs, Nikoletta Somogyi, Robert Tholen, Nina Van Eekert and Veerle Buffel
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2023 81:211
  3. Poor mental health is highly stigmatized and stereotyped, even more when it comes to migrant and ethnic minority groups (MEM). Belgium, which has a long history of immigration, is a good case study for analysi...

    Authors: Camille Duveau, Pierre Smith and Vincent Lorant
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2023 81:176

    The Correction to this article has been published in Archives of Public Health 2023 81:204

  4. Globally, intimate partner violence (IPV) during pregnancy is the most common and major public health problem. It has a negative effect on the lives of both mother and fetus. Despite its prominence, many count...

    Authors: Desale Bihonegn Asmamaw, Wubshet Debebe Negash, Desalegn Anmut Bitew and Tadele Biresaw Belachew
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2023 81:67
  5. Limited studies have directly compared health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in different countries during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The objective of this study was to evaluate the HRQoL outcomes in the U...

    Authors: Jiahe Chen, Cynthia L. Gong, Ulf Persson and Ning Yan Gu
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2023 81:58
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic affected the mental health of the general population through multiple pathways. The aim of this study was to examine anxiety, depression, self-confidence, and social connectedness among t...

    Authors: Di Long, Gouke J. Bonsel, Erica I. Lubetkin, Mathieu F. Janssen and Juanita A. Haagsma
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:237
  7. The aim of the study was to use a moderated mediation model to understand and examine the relationship between negative emotions and creativity among college students during the COVID-19 pandemic, using psycho...

    Authors: Wei Zeng, Dongtao Huang, Qian Li, Yanhua Xu, Ziying Xu, Chujin Wu, Zhihao Chen, Yuhao Yang, Jinlian Shao, Xingrou Wu, Ziqi Zhu, Jiamin Wu and Yuqing Zeng
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:194
  8. Little data is available on health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and mental health of the general population in Tanzania. We aimed to describe HRQoL and level of psychological distress among adults in Mbeya ...

    Authors: Olena Ivanova, Tembeka Sineke, Rebekka Wenzel, Elimina Siyame, Julieth Lalashowi, Abhishek Bakuli, Fidelina Cumbe Zekoll, Michael Hoelscher, Andrea Rachow, Denise Evans, Issa Sabi and Nyanda Elias Ntinginya
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2022 80:144
  9. Depression and anxiety disorder contribute to a significant part of the disease burden among men, yet many men refrain from seeking care or receive insufficient care when they do seek it. This is plausibly ass...

    Authors: Sara Olsson, Bo Burström, Gunnel Hensing and Jesper Löve
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2021 79:189
  10. In recent decades, the proportion of older adults in the population has continued to rise, and with it, the need for intervention programs to maintain cognitive functions into old age. Multiple lifestyle facto...

    Authors: Barbara Studer-Luethi, Maria Brasser, Simon Lusti and Rahel Schaerli
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2021 79:165
  11. Depression is a chronic non communicable disease. It is a growing public health concern with established links with a number of co-morbidities, including diabetes mellitus. The study aimed to estimate the prev...

    Authors: Sarah Cuschieri and Julian Mamo
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2020 78:111
  12. This study investigated whether (i) mental disorders were associated with perceived social support and its subcomponents, (ii) current marital status was related to perceived social support, and (iii) ‘Married...

    Authors: Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar, Edimansyah Abdin, Siow Ann Chong, Saleha Shafie, Rajeswari Sambasivam, Yun Jue Zhang, Sherilyn Chang, Boon Yiang Chua, Shazana Shahwan, Anitha Jeyagurunathan, Kian Woon Kwok and Mythily Subramaniam
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2020 78:108
  13. Air pollution is an environmental health issue that has received much attention due to its harmful effects on public health. The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of the self-care ...

    Authors: Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh, Farzad Jalilian, Elena-Niculina Dragoi, Razieh Pirouzeh, Laleh Solaimanizadeh and Shima Khashij
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2020 78:19
  14. Over the past decade there has been increasing attention to implementing recovery-oriented approaches within mental health service practice and enhancing fidelity to such approaches. However, as is often the c...

    Authors: Cara L. Jones, Frank P. Deane, Keren Wolstencroft and Adam Zimmermann
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2019 77:50
  15. Discrepancies among studies suggest that the relation between social adversity and sympathy for violent radicalization (SVR) is multifaceted and may differ according to social context. This paper examines the ...

    Authors: Cécile Rousseau, Ghayda Hassan, Diana Miconi, Vanessa Lecompte, Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada, Habib El Hage and Youssef Oulhote
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2019 77:45
  16. Several typologies and guidelines are available to address the methodological and practical considerations required in mental health research. However, few studies have actually attempted to systematically ide...

    Authors: Eric Badu, Anthony Paul O’Brien and Rebecca Mitchell
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2019 77:37
  17. Due to the increase in the number of people with dementia, relatives often provide in-home care. This care constitutes a cornerstone of the healthcare system, and maintaining these caregivers’ well-being is th...

    Authors: Marie-Conception Leocadie, Marie-Hélène Roy and Monique Rothan-Tondeur
    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2018 76:72