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Public health ethics training in the European region

Edited by Dr. Miguel Ángel Royo-Bordonada

This thematic series on public health ethics follows a previous Public Health Reviews issue on the topic of public health ethics training in the European region, to emphasize the neglect and the importance of the topic for public health education in Europe. The current issue evolved from a Working Group of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) which was mandated to develop public health ethics curriculum materials for European schools of public health, as well as for practitioners and policy makers. Training of public health professionals in this field is essential to ensure confidence, credibility and public trust, when addressing the wide range of ethical conflicts that arise frequently in public health policy and practice.

Publication charges for this collection were funded by ASPHER. Articles have undergone the journal's standard peer-review process overseen by the Guest Editor, who declares no competing interests.

  1. Teaching public health ethics has been recognised as patchy and somewhat theoretically incoherent for some years. Despite Beauchamp and Childress’ work being widely known and used within health care its variou...

    Authors: Christopher Potter
    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2015 36:12
  2. Training in public health ethics is not at the core of public health programmes in Europe. The fruitful progress of the United States could stimulate the European schools of public health and other academic in...

    Authors: Victoria Camps, Ildefonso Hernández-Aguado, Angel Puyol and Andreu Segura
    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2015 36:6
  3. Health is a value, both objective and subjective, yet it is not the only value that contributes to the well-being of persons. In public health, there are different connotations of the term “public” relevant fr...

    Authors: Miguel Ángel Royo-Bordonada and Begoña Román-Maestre
    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2015 36:3
  4. The development of an agreed-upon set of foundational ethical values for the field of public health is ongoing. In this paper we outline key elements of recent convergence on some basic moral precepts that dri...

    Authors: Lisa M Lee and Christina Zarowsky
    Citation: Public Health Reviews 2015 36:2