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Pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical policy

The science of pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical policy, although not new, is continually developing. In recent years most drug administration bodies of the developed and developing countries have tried to make their decisions on the basis of scientifically sound, cost-effective evidence. There have been several developments in the procedures to have better drug policies based on new economics and cost-effectiveness models. This progress necessitates more studies and evidence from various countries. This cross-journal series in DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice will disseminate new ideas, methods, and findings of applied pharmacoeconomics in implementation of pharmaceutical policies.

  1. Pharmaceutical supply chain is a significant component of the health system in supplying medicines, particularly in countries where main drugs are provided by local pharmaceutical companies. No previous studie...

    Authors: Mona Jaberidoost, Laya Olfat, Alireza Hosseini, Abbas Kebriaeezadeh, Mohammad Abdollahi, Mahdi Alaeddini and Rassoul Dinarvand
    Citation: Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 2015 8:9
  2. The service weight is among several issues and challenges in the implementation of case-mix in developing countries, including Malaysia. The aim of this study is to develop the Malaysian Diagnosis Related Grou...

    Authors: Saad Ahmed Ali Jadoo, Syed Mohamed Aljunid, Amrizal Muhammad Nur, Zafar Ahmed and Dexter Van Dort
    Citation: DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015 23:14
  3. Studies have shown that pharmaceutical care can result in favorable clinical outcomes in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients, however, few studies have assessed the economic impact. The object...

    Authors: Renata Cavalcanti Carnevale, Caroline de Godoi Rezende Costa Molino, Marília Berlofa Visacri, Priscila Gava Mazzola and Patricia Moriel
    Citation: DARU Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015 23:13
  4. A key policy question for the government of Uganda is how to equitably allocate primary health care pharmaceutical budgets to districts. This paper seeks to identify variables influencing current primary healt...

    Authors: Paschal N Mujasi and Jaume Puig-Junoy
    Citation: Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice 2015 8:3