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Porcine Virology

Call for Papers

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We welcome submissions to Porcine Health Management's first thematic series on the thriving topic of Porcine Virology.

Virology research on infectious diseases in livestock animals is growing, but especially in pig virology. This reflects the increasing importance of emerging viral infections in general and the movement towards pigs becoming one of the leading livestock production sectors in the future.

In this collection we discuss some important topics and questions in the field such as the epidemiology of swine influenza virus infections, viral swine disease monitoring, future perspectives on viral vaccines and practical tips on how to evaluate viral vaccine efficacy.

We invite you to submit original research or reviews using our online submission system, and indicate in your cover letter that you would like your paper to be considered for this collection.

For more information on how to submit your article to Porcine Health Management, please see our submission guidelines

There are currently no articles in this collection.