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Polyphenols and ageing

This collection in BMC Chemistry is no longer accepting submissions. 

Polyphenols and aging © k_e_nIn recent years, the potential for individual small molecule interventions to be used to prevent and remediate multiple age-related pathologies has been realised. Equally, novel synthetic and medicinal chemistry is generating small molecule tools for the dissection of complex biological pathways, as well as potential life- and health span extending therapeutics. Many of the compounds currently under investigation are, or have been developed from, naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds. 
Numerous examples have displayed senolytic, rejuvenating and calorie restriction mimetic activities, but in many cases the mechanisms of action and specific structure activity relationships are a work-in-progress.

Our collection was open to a broad selection of content related to polyphenols and ageing, such as:

  • Polyphenolic compounds with anti-degenerative potential
  • Small molecules with life-extending activity
  • Polyphenols and derivatives with senolytic or rejuvenating activities
  • Telomerase inhibitors and activators
  • SAR investigations of polyphenolic compounds and their derivatives
  • Mechanistic investigations of the cellular and in vivo activities of polyphenols

This collection of articles was not sponsored and articles were subject to the journal’s standard peer-review process overseen by our Guest Editor, Prof. Lizzy Ostler (University of Brighton).  

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