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Pain at Midlife: Impact on Health and Health Behaviors

This series highlights the problem of pain in midlife and its impact on health and health behaviors during the midlife years and as women age. It is guest edited by Carol Derby and Jelena Pavlovic from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, U.S.

  1. The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate potential changes in brain morphology (cortical thickness and cortical/subcortical volume) accompanying a series of sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) blockade tre...

    Authors: Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Chris Rorden, Nasim Maleki, Milap Patel, Brian Cheng and X. Michelle Androulakis
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2020 6:7
  2. To assess the relationship between abdominal pain severity during the menopausal transition (MT) and age, MT stage, reproductive biomarkers, stress biomarkers, and stress perceptions.

    Authors: Nini G. L. Callan, Ellen S. Mitchell, Margaret M. Heitkemper and Nancy F. Woods
    Citation: Women's Midlife Health 2019 5:2