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Perioperative Care for Organ Transplantation

  1. To assess the validity of central and pulmonary veno-arterial CO2 gradients to predict fluid responsiveness and to guide fluid management during liver transplantation.

    Authors: Mohamed ELAyashy, Hisham Hosny, Amr Hussein, Ahmed AbdelAal Ahmed Mahmoud, Ahmed Mukhtar, Amira El-Khateeb, Mohamed Wagih, Fawzia AboulFetouh, Amr Abdelaal, Hany Said and Mostafa Abdo
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2019 19:111
  2. The beneficial effects of epidural analgesia (EDA) in terms of pain control and postoperative convalescence are widely known and led to a frequent use for patients who underwent living donor kidney nephrectomy...

    Authors: Wolfgang Baar, Ulrich Goebel, Hartmut Buerkle, Bernd Jaenigen, Kai Kaufmann and Sebastian Heinrich
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2019 19:38
  3. Patients undergoing liver transplantation (LT) can develop acute heart failure (HF) in the postoperative period despite having had a normal cardiac evaluation prior to surgery. End-stage liver disease is often...

    Authors: Sonal Sharma, Kunal Karamchandani, Ryan Wilson, Sean Baskin and Dmitri Bezinover
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2018 18:102
  4. ABO-incompatible living-donor kidney transplantation (LDKT) requires immunotherapy and plasma exchange therapy (PEX). PEX with albumin replacement fluid reportedly decreases fibrinogen levels. However, no repo...

    Authors: Kazuhiro Shirozu, Naoyuki Fujimura, Yuji Karashima, Mizuko Ikeda, Hidehisa Kitada, Yasuhiro Okabe, Kei Kurihara, Tomoko Henzan and Sumio Hoka
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2018 18:68
  5. Bacterial translocation (BT) has been proposed as a trigger for stimulation of the immune system with consequent hemodynamic alteration in patients with liver cirrhosis. However, no information is available re...

    Authors: Heba A. Moharem, Fawzia Aboul Fetouh, Hamed M. Darwish, Doaa Ghaith, Mohamed Elayashy, Amr Hussein, Riham Elsayed, Mohammad M. Khalil, Amr Abdelaal, Mahmoud ElMeteini and Ahmed Mukhtar
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2018 18:46
  6. The discrepancy between demand and supply for liver transplants (LT) has led to an increased transplantation of organs from extended criteria donors (ECD).

    Authors: Felix Kork, Alexandra Rimek, Anne Andert, Niklas Jurek Becker, Christoph Heidenhain, Ulf P. Neumann, Daniela Kroy, Anna B. Roehl, Rolf Rossaint and Marc Hein
    Citation: BMC Anesthesiology 2018 18:29