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Primary care in home front, conflict and disaster areas

Edited by: Prof Shlomo Vinker

Military medicine usually deals with the battle field. There is abundant research in trauma, pre-hospital management, lifesaving battle field procedures, and organization of the medical corps. Modern conflicts are different; the civilian population is exposed to terrorist attacks to long (or short) range missiles and rockets. There are also aspects of primary care in the battlefield and in disaster scenarios. For example after an earthquake the first days are characterized mostly by management of trauma patients. But the coming weeks and months will need primary care treatment as well as rehabilitation.

  1. Evidence regarding the detrimental effects of exposure to stress on glycemic control among diabetes patients has mainly focused on personal life events or acute trauma. However, the effects of continuous expos...

    Authors: Varda Soskolne, Rachel Dekel and Shlomo Vinker
    Citation: Disaster and Military Medicine 2016 2:1