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New developments in osteoarthritis

Martin Lotz, Stefan Lohmander

  1. Where risk factors have been identified in knee and hip osteoarthritis (OA), with few exceptions, no prevention strategies have proven beneficial. The major risk factors for knee OA are advanced age, injury an...

    Authors: Charles R Ratzlaff and Matthew H Liang
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010 12:215
  2. Sex differences in the prevalence, incidence, and severity of osteoarthritis (OA) have long been known. Some differences in the evaluation of this issue across studies may be related to differences in study de...

    Authors: Mehrnaz Maleki-Fischbach and Joanne M Jordan
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010 12:212
  3. Joint trauma can lead to a spectrum of acute lesions, including osteochondral fractures, ligament or meniscus tears and damage to the articular cartilage. This is often associated with intraarticular bleeding ...

    Authors: Martin K Lotz
    Citation: Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010 12:211

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Arthritis Research & Therapy 2010 12:408