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The world antimalarial resistance network (WARN)

This series from Malaria Journal makes the case for creating the World Antimalarial Resistance Network (WARN), which will consist of four linked open-access global databases containing clinical, in vitro, molecular and pharmacological data, and networks of reference laboratories that will support these databases and related surveillance activities. WARN will serve as a public resource to guide antimalarial drug treatment and prevention policies and to help confirm and characterize the new emergence of new resistance to antimalarial drugs and to contain its spread.

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  1. A World Antimalarial Resistance Network (WARN) database has the potential to improve the treatment of malaria, through informing current drug selection and use and providing a prompt warning of when treatment ...

    Authors: Karen I Barnes, Niklas Lindegardh, Olumide Ogundahunsi, Piero Olliaro, Christopher V Plowe, Milijaona Randrianarivelojosia, Grace O Gbotosho, William M Watkins, Carol H Sibley and Nicholas J White
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2007 6:122
  2. Molecular markers for drug resistant malaria represent public health tools of great but mostly unrealized potential value. A key reason for the failure of molecular resistance markers to live up to their poten...

    Authors: Christopher V Plowe, Cally Roper, John W Barnwell, Christian T Happi, Hema H Joshi, Wilfred Mbacham, Steven R Meshnick, Kefas Mugittu, Inbarani Naidoo, Ric N Price, Robert W Shafer, Carol H Sibley, Colin J Sutherland, Peter A Zimmerman and Philip J Rosenthal
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2007 6:121
  3. Intrinsic resistance of Plasmodium falciparum is clearly a major determinant of the clinical failure of antimalarial drugs. However, complex interactions between the host, the parasite and the drug obscure the ab...

    Authors: David J Bacon, Ronan Jambou, Thierry Fandeur, Jacques Le Bras, Chansuda Wongsrichanalai, Mark M Fukuda, Pascal Ringwald, Carol Hopkins Sibley and Dennis E Kyle
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2007 6:120
  4. The proliferation of antimalarial drug trials in the last ten years provides the opportunity to launch a concerted global surveillance effort to monitor antimalarial drug efficacy. The diversity of clinical st...

    Authors: Ric N Price, Grant Dorsey, Elizabeth A Ashley, Karen I Barnes, J Kevin Baird, Umberto d'Alessandro, Philippe J Guerin, Miriam K Laufer, Inbarani Naidoo, Fran├žois Nosten, Piero Olliaro, Christopher V Plowe, Pascal Ringwald, Carol H Sibley, Kasia Stepniewska and Nicholas J White
    Citation: Malaria Journal 2007 6:119