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Social Science Research in the Neglected Tropical Diseases

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Pascale Allotey and Subhash Pokhrel

  1. Less is known about mass drug administration [MDA] for neglected tropical diseases [NTDs] than is suggested by those so vigorously promoting expansion of the approach. This paper fills an important gap: it dra...

    Authors: Melissa Parker and Tim Allen
    Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2011 9:3
  2. The level of funding provides a good proxy for the level of commitment or prioritisation given to a particular issue. While the need for research relevant to social, economic, cultural and behavioural aspects ...

    Authors: Subhash Pokhrel, Daniel Reidpath and Pascale Allotey
    Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2011 9:2
  3. Centuries of scientific advances and developments in biomedical sciences have brought us a long way to understanding and managing disease processes, by reducing them to simplified cause-effect models. For most...

    Authors: Pascale Allotey, Daniel D Reidpath and Subhash Pokhrel
    Citation: Health Research Policy and Systems 2010 8:32