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Novel biolgical modalities evolved during COVID-19

Guest edited by Ken Ishii, The University of Tokyo, Japan

A thematic series in Inflammation and Regeneration.

This series of articles has not been sponsored. All articles have undergone the journal's standard peer review process overseen by the Guest Editor. The Guest Editor declares no competing interests.

  1. Human umbilical cord blood (CB) and umbilical cord tissue (UC) are attractive sources of somatic stem cells for gene and cell therapies. CB and UC can be obtained noninvasively from donors. CB, a known source ...

    Authors: Tokiko Nagamura-Inoue and Fumitaka Nagamura
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2023 43:59
  2. Bone defects remain a challenge today. In addition to osteogenic activation, the crucial role of angiogenesis has also gained attention. In particular, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is likely to pl...

    Authors: Maorui Zhang, Yuta Fukushima, Kosuke Nozaki, Hideyuki Nakanishi, Jia Deng, Noriyuki Wakabayashi and Keiji Itaka
    Citation: Inflammation and Regeneration 2023 43:32