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Biology and clinical applications of stem cells for autoimmune and musculoskeletal disorders

Edited by Christian Jorgensen and Anthony Hollander

A cross-journal collection in Arthritis Research & Therapy and Stem Cell Research & Therapy.

This series of articles has not been sponsored. All articles have undergone the journal’s standard peer review process overseen by the Series Editors, with final decisions made by the Editors-in-Chief. The Series Editors and Editors-in-Chief declare no competing interests.

  1. Review

    Update on mesenchymal stem cell-based therapy in lupus and scleroderma

    Current systemic therapies are rarely curative for patients with severe life-threatening forms of autoimmune diseases (ADs). During the past 15 years, autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation has bee...

    Audrey Cras, Dominique Farge, Thierry Carmoi, Jean-Jacques Lataillade, Dan Dan Wang and Lingyun Sun

    Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:301

    Published on: 3 November 2015

  2. Review

    Autologous, allogeneic, induced pluripotent stem cell or a combination stem cell therapy? Where are we headed in cartilage repair and why: a concise review

    The evolution of articular cartilage repair procedures has resulted in a variety of cell-based therapies that use both autologous and allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs). As these cells are increasingl...

    Lucienne A. Vonk, Tommy S. de Windt, Ineke C. M. Slaper-Cortenbach and Daniël B. F. Saris

    Stem Cell Research & Therapy 2015 6:94

    Published on: 15 May 2015

  3. Review

    Are mesenchymal stromal cells immune cells?

    Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are considered to be promising agents for the treatment of immunological disease. Although originally identified as precursor cells for mesenchymal lineages, in vitro studies have...

    Martin J Hoogduijn

    Arthritis Research & Therapy 2015 17:88

    Published on: 31 March 2015