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Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply

Edited by: Prof Martina Schaefer

For a long time, decentralized energy systems have been regarded as transitional solutions towards a centralized energy supply in developing countries or as a negligible niche market in developed countries. In the context of the required global transition from fossil-fuel-based towards renewable energy systems, new perspectives on centralized and decentralized approaches are emerging.

  1. Islands often depend on the import of fossil fuels for power generation. Due to the combined effect of high oil prices and transportation costs, energy supply systems based on renewable energies are already ab...

    Authors: Kristina Bognar, Philipp Blechinger and Frank Behrendt
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012 2:14
  2. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in using micro-renewable energy sources. However, planning has not yet developed methodological approaches (1) for spatially optimizing residential develo...

    Authors: Claudia Palmas, Emanuela Abis, Christina von Haaren and Andrew Lovett
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012 2:10
  3. Within the last decade, the biogas branch has become an important economic sector in Germany. Many arguments are used to support a further and rapid expansion of local biogas plants in both quantity and capaci...

    Authors: Anke Bischoff
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012 2:9
  4. In this study, a general model of a hybrid off-grid energy system is developed, which can be adjusted to reflect real conditions in order to achieve economical and ecological optimisation of off-grid energy sy...

    Authors: Fabian Huneke, Johannes Henkel, Jairo Alberto Benavides González and Georg Erdmann
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012 2:7
  5. Empirical research on the local economic effects associated with decentralized electricity generation from renewable sources has only just started. So far, most studies focus on quantifying economic effects an...

    Authors: Britta Klagge and Tobias Brocke
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2012 2:5