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This series was published in Military Medical Research.

  1. Periodontitis has been proposed as a novel risk factor of genitourinary cancers: although periodontitis and genitourinary cancers are two totally distinct types of disorders, epidemiological and clinical studi...

    Authors: Shuai Yuan, Cheng Fang, Wei-Dong Leng, Lan Wu, Bing-Hui Li, Xing-Huan Wang, Hailiang Hu and Xian-Tao Zeng
    Citation: Military Medical Research 2021 8:54
  2. The management of bacterial infections is becoming a major clinical challenge due to the rapid evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria. As an excellent candidate to overcome antibiotic resistance, antimicro...

    Authors: Qi-Yu Zhang, Zhi-Bin Yan, Yue-Ming Meng, Xiang-Yu Hong, Gang Shao, Jun-Jie Ma, Xu-Rui Cheng, Jun Liu, Jian Kang and Cai-Yun Fu
    Citation: Military Medical Research 2021 8:48
  3. The European Union Training Mission Mali (EUTM MLI) is a multinational military training deployment to the Western African tropical nation of Mali. Based on routinely collected disease and non-battle injury su...

    Authors: Hagen Frickmann, Ralf Matthias Hagen, Florian Geiselbrechtinger and Nagpal Hoysal
    Citation: Military Medical Research 2018 5:19
  4. The gut microbiota, the largest symbiotic ecosystem with the host, has been shown to play important roles in maintaining intestinal homeostasis. Dysbiosis of the gut microbiome is caused by the imbalance betwe...

    Authors: Na Shi, Na Li, Xinwang Duan and Haitao Niu
    Citation: Military Medical Research 2017 4:14
  5. The German Military Medical Service contributed to the medical screening of unaccompanied minor refugees (UMRs) coming to Germany in 2014 and 2015. In this study, a broad range of diagnostic procedures was app...

    Authors: Winfried Maaßen, Dorothea Wiemer, Claudia Frey, Christina Kreuzberg, Egbert Tannich, Rebecca Hinz, Andreas Wille, Andreas Fritsch, Ralf Matthias Hagen and Hagen Frickmann
    Citation: Military Medical Research 2017 4:13