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Microbial forensics

Prof Bruce Budowle

  1. Crops in the USA are vulnerable to natural and criminal threats because of their widespread cultivation and lack of surveillance, and because of implementation of growing practices such as monoculture. To prep...

    Authors: Mindy James, Ulrich Melcher and Jacqueline Fletcher
    Citation: Investigative Genetics 2014 5:10
  2. High throughput sequencing (HTS) generates large amounts of high quality sequence data for microbial genomics. The value of HTS for microbial forensics is the speed at which evidence can be collected and the p...

    Authors: Bruce Budowle, Nancy D Connell, Anna Bielecka-Oder, Rita R Colwell, Cindi R Corbett, Jacqueline Fletcher, Mats Forsman, Dana R Kadavy, Alemka Markotic, Stephen A Morse, Randall S Murch, Antti Sajantila, Sarah E Schmedes, Krista L Ternus, Stephen D Turner and Samuel Minot
    Citation: Investigative Genetics 2014 5:9