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Metabolic regulation of lipids and fatty acids and risk of cardiometabolic disease

Edited by Vibeke Telle-Hansen

New Content ItemLipids in Health and Disease invites you to contribute a manuscript to our new thematic series, “Metabolic regulation of lipids and fatty acids and risk of cardiometabolic disease”.

Our everyday food choices have a major impact on health, by either increasing or decreasing the risk of disease. Lipids and fatty acids are well known to play an important part in metabolic regulation, including the risk of cardiometabolic disease. Diet is also one of the most important modulators of gut microbiota composition, in which the short chain fatty acids derived from bacterial fermentation in the gut have been suggested to impact the host’s lipid metabolism. However, there is a lack of mechanistic insights into their impact on lipid metabolism and metabolic regulation.

Interindividual differences in the response to environmental stimuli, including the diet, metabolic regulation and risk profiles is a focus area within the field of molecular nutrition, aiming at a personalized nutrition or precision nutrition approach to prevention and treatment of diet-related diseases. To succeed with precision nutrition, a more profound description of the metabolic regulatory mechanisms of lipids and fatty acids, including interindividual differences, is necessary to enhance our understanding of the development of cardiometabolic disease, and how to prevent it.

This Special Issue aims to include original research and up-to-date reviews on individual regulation of lipids and fatty acids, in relation to different risk profiles (metabotypes) of cardiometabolic disease.

Fatty acids, lipids, metabolic regulation, gut microbiota, gut microbiota metabolites, metabotypes, cardiometabolic disease


  • Individual response to dietary fat, and the effect on lipid metabolism and cardiometabolic regulation

  • Dietary fat and regulation of gut microbiota

  • Individual gut microbiota signature, effect on lipid metabolism and cardiometabolic regulation

  • Microbiota derived metabolites, lipid metabolism and cardiometabolic regulation

Questions to be answered:

  • What are the individual differences in the response to fatty acids and lipids?
  • Do dietary fatty acids and lipids affect the gut microbiota, and are there individual differences?
  • What is the mechanistic link between gut microbiota and the hosts’ lipid metabolism?
  • How do short chain fatty acids (SCFA) affect metabolic regulation, including gene transcription?
  • How do microbial lipids alter intestinal and circulating lipid concentrations, and thereby impact metabolic regulation of the host?

All submissions should be made by 1st September, 2021.

The collection of papers in this Special Issue addresses the role of lipids and lipid metabolism in cancer. We warmly welcome all articles and reviews on solid and non-solid tumors.

This collection of articles has not been sponsored and articles have undergone the journal’s standard peer-review process.

Please find out more about our journal and its policies, here. Submission guidelines can be found here, and please submit to the series via our submission system (there will be a field for which you can indicate if you are submitting to this series).

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