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Metabolomics: approaches, applications, and integration

edited by Dr Ute Roessner & Dr Ruth Welti

A new series from GigaScience, now encouraging submissions!

Metabolomics is of keen interest to the broader community given its key position as a ‘real world endpoint’ in applications such as understanding plant metabolism, environmental stress and disease. For this reason, the integration of metabolomics with other omic-based approaches is of growing interest, as a means to better understand the combined effects of upstream omics and the functional phenotypes of disease or plant cellular biology. This cutting-edge series aims to shed light on new advances, applications, and challenges, and to improve data sharing and reproducibility in research utilizing metabolomics.

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  1. Metabolomics is increasingly recognized as an invaluable tool in the biological, medical and environmental sciences yet lags behind the methodological maturity of other omics fields. To achieve its full potent...

    Authors: Robert L. Davidson, Ralf J. M. Weber, Haoyu Liu, Archana Sharma-Oates and Mark R. Viant
    Citation: GigaScience 2016 5:10
  2. Three-dimensional (3D) imaging mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical chemistry technique for the 3D molecular analysis of a tissue specimen, entire organ, or microbial colonies on an agar plate. 3D-imaging M...

    Authors: Janina Oetjen, Kirill Veselkov, Jeramie Watrous, James S McKenzie, Michael Becker, Lena Hauberg-Lotte, Jan Hendrik Kobarg, Nicole Strittmatter, Anna K Mróz, Franziska Hoffmann, Dennis Trede, Andrew Palmer, Stefan Schiffler, Klaus Steinhorst, Michaela Aichler, Robert Goldin…
    Citation: GigaScience 2015 4:20
  3. Metabolomics has the potential to be a powerful and sensitive approach for investigating the low molecular weight metabolite profiles present in maternal fluids and their role in pregnancy.

    Authors: Hemi Luan, Nan Meng, Ping Liu, Jin Fu, Xiaomin Chen, Weiqiao Rao, Hui Jiang, Xun Xu, Zongwei Cai and Jun Wang
    Citation: GigaScience 2015 4:16
  4. The application of reporting standards in metabolomics allow data from different laboratories to be shared, integrated and interpreted. Although minimum reporting standards related to metabolite identification...

    Authors: Reza M Salek, Christoph Steinbeck, Mark R Viant, Royston Goodacre and Warwick B Dunn
    Citation: GigaScience 2013 2:13