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Marine Environments and Pollution: A collection of CEE Evidence Syntheses

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Image Copyright: skynesher / Getty Images / iStock

This collection in Environmental Evidence features evidence syntheses, conducted to CEE standards, covering the complex interplay between marine environments and pollution.

All manuscripts published in this collection met the journal’s standard editorial criteria for assessment, relevance, and peer review, and underwent the journal’s standard peer review process. They were handled by the journal Editors and Editor-in-Chief. 

  1. Tropical coral reefs cover only ca. 0.1% of the Earth’s surface but harbour exceptional marine biodiversity and provide vital ecosystem services to millions of people living nearby. They are currently threaten...

    Authors: Dakis-Yaoba Ouédraogo, Hugo Mell, Olivier Perceval, Karen Burga, Isabelle Domart-Coulon, Laetitia Hédouin, Mathilde Delaunay, Mireille M. M. Guillaume, Magalie Castelin, Christophe Calvayrac, Odile Kerkhof, Romain Sordello, Yorick Reyjol and Christine Ferrier-Pagès
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2023 12:4
  2. Tropical coral reefs cover ca. 0.1% of the Earth’s surface but host an outstanding biodiversity and provide important ecosystem services to millions of people living nearby. They are currently threatened by lo...

    Authors: Dakis-Yaoba Ouédraogo, Mathilde Delaunay, Romain Sordello, Laetitia Hédouin, Magalie Castelin, Olivier Perceval, Isabelle Domart-Coulon, Karen Burga, Christine Ferrier-Pagès, Romane Multon, Mireille M. M. Guillaume, Clément Léger, Christophe Calvayrac, Pascale Joannot and Yorick Reyjol
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2021 10:22