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Lung cancer

Edited by Lin Yan and Wei Zhang

Lung cancer, the most prevalent and deadly malignancy, accounts for a staggering 1.6 million new cases diagnosed every year and approximately 21% of cancer deaths to the global cancer burden. In China, lung cancer has become a particularly challenging disease because of air pollution and smoking, with an estimated 733,280 new cases every year and 671,625 deaths.

This thematic series discusses the proper use of targeted agents in treating lung cancer, reviews the application of biomarkers in clinical management and drug development for lung cancer, showcases the first wave of innovation and analyzes the unique challenges in developing novel drugs for lung cancer in China, as well as rolling out a global effort to address these challenges.

This series was published in Chinese Journal of Cancer.

  1. Lung cancer, the most prevalent and deadly malignancy in the world, poses a particularly critical healthcare challenge to China due to the rapidly increasing new cases and the unique cancer genetics in Chinese...

    Authors: Li Yan and Li Xu
    Citation: Chinese Journal of Cancer 2015 34:32
  2. Avitinib, a new generation inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), was approved for clinical trial in both China and the United States, and the phase 1 trials were initiated in both countries in ...

    Authors: Xiao Xu
    Citation: Chinese Journal of Cancer 2015 34:27