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Laser or Surgery for Scar Management

Edited by: Yixin Zhang and Rei Ogawa

Over the past 10 years, our understanding on the pathogenesis of scars and inflammatory scars such as keloids and hypertrophic scars has improved markedly. As a result, these previously intractable scars are now regarded as being treatable. There are many therapeutic options, including surgery, radiation, corticosteroids, 5-fluorouracil, cryotherapy, laser therapy, anti-allergy agents, anti-inflammatory agents, bleaching creams and make-up therapies. Especially, recent development of laser devices and improvement of surgical techniques and following adjuvant therapies have changed this situation little by little. However, “scarless wound healing” is still difficult while “less-scar wound healing” seems to be accomplishable.

This thematic series introduces most advanced scar therapies by surgery and laser treatments to expand specialists’ knowledge.

This series was published in Burns & Trauma

  1. Keloids are the result of abnormal wound healing and often are subject to infections and recurrent inflammation. We present a study conducted with a 1470 nm diode laser using an intralesional optical fiber dev...

    Authors: Ke Li, Fabio Nicoli, Wen Jing Xi, Zheng Zhang, Chunxiao Cui, Ahmed Al-Mousawi, Alberto Balzani, Yun Tong and Yixin Zhang
    Citation: Burns & Trauma 2019 7:5