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Ketogenic diet and epilepsy therapy

Thematic Series

New Content Item

This cover designed for the Thematic Series "Ketogenic Diet and Epilepsy Therapy" to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy. The big letter KD in the center is the abbreviation for Ketogenic Diet. There are many kinds of ketogenic diet food on the KD. KD's reflection looks like 100 for 100th anniversary.

Acta Epileptologica invites you to submit the manuscript (like research, review, case report, perspective, letter, etc) with the topic: Ketogenic diet and epilepsy therapy to share with the knowledge and points about the one of the important and common therapy of epilepsy.

The recommending themes:

  1. Investigation on the application of ketogenic diet at national level: state policy, application status etc.
  2. Multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial of ketogenic therapy for refractory epilepsy patients.
  3. Neuroprotective effect of ketogenic diet and its possible mechanism.
  4. Ketogenic diet in the clinical treatment of super refractory status epilepticus.
  5. Patient management of ketogenic diet patient.

Articles will undergo all of the journal's standard peer review and editorial processes outlined in its submission guidelines.

Guest Editor:

New Content ItemProf. Jianxiang Liao, MD, PhD

Chief Physician, Department of Neurology, Shenzhen Children's Hospital affiliated China Medical University and Pediatric Clinical College, Shantou University Medical School, Shenzhen, China

Here are the articles in the series:

  1. Due to the tradition of carbohydrate-rich diet, challenges exist for ketogenic diet (KD) implementation in Northwest China. This study was aimed to investigate the efficacy and tolerability of KD therapy admin...

    Authors: Xiangjun Dou, Zhijing Wang, Xia Li, Yan Wang, Shanshan Jia, Xixiao Song and Dong Wang
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2022 4:10
  2. Super-refractory status epilepticus (SRSE) is a serious and life-threatening neurological condition. Ketogenic diet (KD) is a diet characterized by high fat, low carbohydrate, and moderate protein. As KD shows...

    Authors: Xin Tong, Qianyun Cai, Dezhi Cao, Lifei Yu, Dan Sun, Guang Yang, Jiwen Wang, Hua Li, Zengning Li, Juan Wang, Shaoping Huang, Meiping Ding, Fang Fang, Qun Wang, Rong Luo, Jianxiang Liao…
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2022 4:8
  3. Ketogenic diet (KD) therapy is one of the main treatments for drug-resistant epilepsy. However, the KD therapy has been applied in only a small number of infantile spasm cases. In this large multicenter study,...

    Authors: Yuanzhen Ye, Dan Sun, Hua Li, Jianmin Zhong, Rong Luo, Baomin Li, Dengna Zhu, Dan Li, Shaoping Huang, Yuwu Jiang, Nong Xiao, Yucai Chen, Yuqin Zhang, Mei Yu, Xiaoyun Shen, Li Gao…
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2022 4:11

    The Correction to this article has been published in Acta Epileptologica 2022 4:14

  4. Hypertension is one of the most common comorbid conditions of epilepsy. Hypertension and epilepsy may be related to each other. Qigong Bigu practice induces a similar effect as fasting in the first week. As ke...

    Authors: Bin Hong, Runqi Luo, Dezhi Cao, Man Zhang, Kewei Fang, Jianhong Guo and Jianxiang Liao
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2021 3:25
  5. The ketogenic diet (KD) is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, in which fat is used as the primary energy source through the production of ketone bodies (KBs) in place of glucose. The KD was formally introduced...

    Authors: Hye Eun Kwon and Heung Dong Kim
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2021 3:21
  6. Despite the increasing number of anti-seizure medications becoming available, the proportion of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy remains unchanged. Dietary therapy for epilepsy is well-established practic...

    Authors: Neha Kaul, John-Paul Nicolo, Terence J. O’Brien and Patrick Kwan
    Citation: Acta Epileptologica 2021 3:16