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Intervention Development

 Edited by: Prof Pat Hoddinott

A thematic series published in Pilot and Feasibility Studies.

Intervention development is the crucial first step before formal feasibility and pilot testing, in preparation for conducting a large-scale definitive trial or observational study. It is increasingly recognized that careful attention to the methods used in development will increase the chance of interventions being effective within trials, and being adopted widely in the real world. However, this initial phase is seldom reported in detail and may overlap with assessment of acceptability and feasibility.

This exciting collection covers the systematic and rigorous processes involved when developing complex interventions. It will provide a focus for discussion, for researchers to learn from each other and to encourage scientific rigor in reporting the early phases of complex intervention design.

  1. Study Protocol

    Development and feasibility testing of an intervention to support active lifestyles in youths with type 1 diabetes—the ActivPals programme: a study protocol

    The global incidence of type 1 diabetes is rising, and youths with type 1 diabetes continue to suffer poorer health than peers without diabetes. Evidence suggests youths with type 1 diabetes have physical acti...

    Fiona Mitchell, Alison Kirk, Kenneth Robertson and John J. Reilly

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:66

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  2. Methodology

    A theory-informed approach to developing visually mediated interventions to change behaviour using an asthma and physical activity intervention exemplar

    Visualisation techniques are used in a range of healthcare interventions. However, these frequently lack a coherent rationale or clear theoretical basis. This lack of definition and explicit targeting of the u...

    Jennifer Murray, Brian Williams, Gaylor Hoskins, Silje Skar, John McGhee, Shaun Treweek, Falko F. Sniehotta, Aziz Sheikh, Gordon Brown, Suzanne Hagen, Linda Cameron, Claire Jones and Dylan Gauld

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:46

    Published on: 15 August 2016

  3. Research

    Optimising self-care support for people with heart failure and their caregivers: development of the Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure (REACH-HF) intervention using intervention mapping

    We aimed to establish the support needs of people with heart failure and their caregivers and develop an intervention to improve their health-related quality of life.

    Colin J. Greaves, Jennifer Wingham, Carolyn Deighan, Patrick Doherty, Jennifer Elliott, Wendy Armitage, Michelle Clark, Jackie Austin, Charles Abraham, Julia Frost, Sally Singh, Kate Jolly, Kevin Paul, Louise Taylor, Sarah Buckingham, Russell Davis…

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:37

    Published on: 2 August 2016

  4. Methodology

    A collaborative process for developing a weight management toolkit for general practitioners in Australia—an intervention development study using the Knowledge To Action framework

    Obesity is commonly seen in the Australian general practice population; however, few resources are specifically targeted at GPs working with these patients. The National Health and Medical Research Council (Au...

    Elizabeth Ann Sturgiss and Kirsty Douglas

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:20

    Published on: 23 April 2016

  5. Review

    Optimisation of complex health interventions prior to a randomised controlled trial: a scoping review of strategies used

    Many complex intervention trials fail to show an intervention effect. Although this may be due to genuine ineffectiveness, it may also be the result of sub-optimal intervention design, implementation failure o...

    Sara Levati, Pauline Campbell, Rachael Frost, Nadine Dougall, Mary Wells, Cam Donaldson and Suzanne Hagen

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2016 2:17

    Published on: 15 March 2016

  6. Editorial

    A new era for intervention development studies

    This editorial introduces a new special series on intervention development in the on-line open access journal Pilot and Feasibility Studies. An intervention development study reports the rationale, decision-makin...

    Pat Hoddinott

    Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2015 1:36

    Published on: 26 October 2015