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Regional hyperthermia as a critical component in the treatment of solid tumors

New Content Item (4)​​​​​​​Guest Edited by Dr Pirus Ghadjar

The aim of this thematic series published in Radiation Oncology is to collect and present the current knowledge of using regional hyperthermia in treatment strategies for solid tumors.

  1. Research

    Biological modelling of the radiation dose escalation effect of regional hyperthermia in cervical cancer

    Locoregional hyperthermia combined with radiotherapy significantly improves locoregional control and overall survival for cervical tumors compared to radiotherapy alone. In this study biological modelling is a...

    J. Crezee, C. M. van Leeuwen, A. L. Oei, L. E. van Heerden, A. Bel, L. J. A. Stalpers, P. Ghadjar, N. A. P. Franken and H. P. Kok

    Radiation Oncology 2016 11:14

    Published on: 2 February 2016

  2. Research

    Thermal magnetic resonance: physics considerations and electromagnetic field simulations up to 23.5 Tesla (1GHz)

    Glioblastoma multiforme is the most common and most aggressive malign brain tumor. The 5-year survival rate after tumor resection and adjuvant chemoradiation is only 10 %, with almost all recurrences occurring...

    Lukas Winter, Celal Oezerdem, Werner Hoffmann, Tessa van de Lindt, Joao Periquito, Yiyi Ji, Pirus Ghadjar, Volker Budach, Peter Wust and Thoralf Niendorf

    Radiation Oncology 2015 10:201

    Published on: 22 September 2015

  3. Research

    Effects of hyperthermia on DNA repair pathways: one treatment to inhibit them all

    The currently available arsenal of anticancer modalities includes many DNA damaging agents that can kill malignant cells. However, efficient DNA repair mechanisms protect both healthy and cancer cells against ...

    Arlene L. Oei, Lianne E. M. Vriend, Johannes Crezee, Nicolaas A. P. Franken and Przemek M. Krawczyk

    Radiation Oncology 2015 10:165

    Published on: 7 August 2015

  4. Research

    Regional hyperthermia of the abdomen, a pilot study towards the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis

    Peritoneal carcinomatosis occurs in different cancer subtypes and is associated with a dismal prognosis. Some doubts remain whether the whole abdomen can be treated by regional hyperthermia, therefore we analy...

    Marcus Beck, Pirus Ghadjar, Mirko Weihrauch, Susen Burock, Volker Budach, Jacek Nadobny, Jalid Sehouli and Peter Wust

    Radiation Oncology 2015 10:157

    Published on: 30 July 2015

  5. Study protocol

    Regional hyperthermia and moderately dose-escalated salvage radiotherapy for recurrent prostate cancer. Protocol of a phase II trial

    Current studies on salvage radiotherapy (sRT) investigate timing, dose-escalation and anti-hormonal treatment (ADT) for recurrent prostate cancer. These approaches could either be limited by radiation-related ...

    Arndt-Christian Müller, Daniel Zips, Vanessa Heinrich, Ulf Lamprecht, Otilia Voigt, Susen Burock, Volker Budach, Peter Wust and Pirus Ghadjar

    Radiation Oncology 2015 10:138

    Published on: 8 July 2015