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Hydrogen sulfide

Dr John Calvert

  1. Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the most commonly prescribed agents for arthritic patients, although gastric effects limit their long-term use. Considering the reported gastric safety of hydr...

    Authors: Eduardo Ekundi-Valentim, Filiphe PN Mesquita, Karen T Santos, Marco A Vieira de Paula, Juliana Florenzano, Cristiane I Zanoni, Leandro Rodrigues, Gilberto de Nucci, Simone A Teixeira, Heloisa HA Ferreira, John L Wallace, Soraia KP Costa and Marcelo N MuscarĂ¡
    Citation: Medical Gas Research 2013 3:24
  2. Hydrogen sulfide is a novel mediator with the unique properties of a gasotransmitter and many and varied physiological effects. Included in these effects are a number of cardiovascular effects that are proving...

    Authors: Eloise Streeter, Hooi H Ng and Joanne L Hart
    Citation: Medical Gas Research 2013 3:9
  3. Local pulmonary and systemic infections can lead to acute lung injury (ALI). The resulting lung damage can evoke lung failure and multiple organ dysfunction associated with increased mortality. Hydrogen sulfid...

    Authors: Simone Faller, Kornelia K Zimmermann, Karl M Strosing, Helen Engelstaedter, Hartmut Buerkle, René Schmidt, Sashko G Spassov and Alexander Hoetzel
    Citation: Medical Gas Research 2012 2:26