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Honouring Wayne Getz’s Contributions to Movement Ecology

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Wayne Getz

Prof. Wayne Getz has served as a catalyst and innovator for the discipline of Movement Ecology for decades, including production of seminal works in the field and a foundational role on the editorial board of the journal Movement Ecology. His work includes innovation in methods (from home range estimation to derivation of social mechanisms from movement data) as well as novel applications in behavioral ecology and disease ecology. These contributions have greatly advanced our understanding of spatial ecology and boosted the recognition of movement ecology as a discipline in its own right. Following these decades of contributions, Wayne has recently announced his retirement from the editorial board of the journal Movement Ecology. To recognize his excellent service to the journal and field, we are catalyzing a Special Feature in dedication to his contributions.

Lead Editors: Dr. Sadie Ryan and Dr George Wittemyer

Deadline: 31 August 2022

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