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History, concepts and aims of international societies in Psychosomatic and Behavioral Medicine

Edited by Dr Hans-Christian Deter
BioPsychoSocial Medicine

Many scientists and practitioner are working in different countries and organizations in the field of Psychosomatic and Behavioural Medicine. All of them are trying to understand the interaction between mind, body and social surrounding in theory and in medical practice of an individual patient. Since many years most of these researchers are looking for a better health care of their patients. The volume will summarize national and international ideas and activities of psychosomatic and behavioural societies to describe their historical development, their aims and perspectives within the Asian, European and American context. The reader gets the possibility to understand the complexity of ideas and thoughts in these different groups of physicians, psychologists and sociologists and their points of view in the medical field. Following these perspectives, the diagnostic evaluation of (bio-psycho-social) diseases and the understanding of their well known mechanism of triggering and influencing factors lead to different treatment options. Not surprisingly these depend also on the different countries and cultures, where the theories and practices developed.

In this thematic series of the journal BioPsychoSocial Medicine we describe aims of international societies of Psychosomatic and Behavioural Medicine as well as of national societies from the United States of America, from Japan and from Germany. The different developments they experienced in the course of time will described as well as the impact they have for the actual situation of medicine. In this overview the reader can detect similarities and differences, he will get an impression and a perspective about fields and aims and which kind of co-operations are necessary for the future of Psychosomatic and Behavioural thinking in Medicine.

The editor declares no competing interests.

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