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World Hand Hygiene Day

SAVE LIVES – Clean Your Hands

Welcome to the World Hand Hygiene Day collection, a page dedicated to promoting the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare and beyond. 

Hand hygiene is a critical measure in preventing the spread of infections and is particularly important in the current context of COVID-19. By providing the most cutting edge research on the topic of hand hygiene, we hope to encourage healthcare workers, policymakers, and the general public to take action and implement effective hand hygiene practices.

Several journals contributed towards this retrospective collection, and all articles included in this collection underwent the standard peer review process in their respective journal:

Archives of Public Health

Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control

BMC Public Health

Conflict and Health


Hand hygiene articles published across BMC

Here, we have curated a collection of open access articles published recently across BMC that offer valuable insights into the significance of hand hygiene practices.

Archives of Public Health

The long-term impact of immediate verbal feedback of hand hygiene compliance after overt observation sessions, as assessed by continuous closed-circuit television monitoring in an intensive care setting

Ilana Livshiz-Riven, Hovav Azulay, Leonid Koyfman, Alex Gushanski, Seada Askira, Vered Ischa Abar, Benjamin F. Gruenbaum, Evgenia Ivanov, Moti Klein, Asaf Danziger, Ronit Nativ, Abraham Borer, Tomer Ziv-Baran & Evgeni Brotfain 

Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control

Hand hygiene compliance and its associated factors among health care providers in primary hospitals of Waghimira Zone, Northeast Ethiopia: a mixed study design

Melese Alene, Dessalegn Tamiru, Getaw Walle Bazie, Wondwosen Mebratu & Natnael Kebede 

Evidence-based hand hygiene: Liquid or gel handrub, does it matter?

Constantinos Voniatis, Száva Bánsághi, Dániel Sándor Veres, Péter Szerémy, Angela Jedlovszky-Hajdu, Attila Szijártó & Tamás Haidegger 

Do task and item difficulty affect overestimation of one’s hand hygiene compliance? A cross-sectional survey of physicians and nurses in surgical clinics of six hospitals in Germany

Jonas Lamping, Ivonne Tomsic, Maike Stolz, Christian Krauth, Iris F. Chaberny & Thomas von Lengerke 

Ethanol is indispensable for virucidal hand antisepsis: memorandum from the alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) Task Force, WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, and the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO), Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, Germany

Axel Kramer, Mardjan Arvand, Bärbel Christiansen, Stephanie Dancer, Maren Eggers, Martin Exner, Dieter Müller, Nico T. Mutters, Ingeborg Schwebke & Didier Pittet 

BMC Public Health

The effectiveness of hand hygiene interventions for preventing community transmission or acquisition of novel coronavirus or influenza infections: a systematic review

Lucyna Gozdzielewska, Claire Kilpatrick, Jacqui Reilly, Sally Stewart, John Butcher, Andrew Kalule, Oliver Cumming, Julie Watson & Lesley Price 

Conflict and Health

Facilitating hand hygiene in displacement camps during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative assessment of a novel handwashing stand and hygiene promotion package

Sian White, Anika Jain, Abie Bangura, Michelle Farrington, Melaku Mekonen, Bang Chuol Nhial, Enamul Hoque, Md. Moniruzzaman, Pascaline Namegabe, John Walassa & Fiona Majorin 


Shaping the subway microbiome through probiotic-based sanitation during the COVID-19 emergency: a pre–post case–control study

Maria D’Accolti, Irene Soffritti, Francesca Bini, Eleonora Mazziga, Carolina Cason, Manola Comar, Antonella Volta, Matteo Bisi, Daniele Fumagalli, Sante Mazzacane & Elisabetta Caselli