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China-UK Global Health Support Programme

New Thematic Series

China-UK Joint Contribution to Global Health: Selected GHSP Findings and Policy Implications

This Thematic Series is guest edited by:

Dr. Hao Li, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Global Health Research and Policy, Global Health Institute, Wuhan University

Ms Xiaohua Wang, GHSP Project Management Office, Center for Project Supervision and Management, National Health Commission, P.R.China

Dr. Charlotte Laurence, Former GHSP consultant (United Kingdom)

Prof. Tongwu Xu, Former GHSP consultant (P.R. China)

  1. The Regional Network for Asian Schistosomiasis and Other Helminth Zoonoses (RNAS+) was established in 1998, which has developed close partnerships with Asian countries endemic for schistosomiasis and other helmin...

    Authors: Hong-Mei Li, Ying-Jun Qian, Kun Yang, Wei Ding, Lu-Lu Huang, Xue-Jiao Ma, Lei Duan, Duo-Quan Wang, Ya-Yi Guan, Ning Xiao and Xiao-Nong Zhou

    Citation: Global Health Research and Policy 2021 6:7

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  2. Irrational antibiotics use in clinical prescription, especially in primary health care (PHC) is accelerating the spread of antibiotics resistance (ABR) around the world. It may be greatly useful to improve the...

    Authors: Lu Yao, Jia Yin, Ruiting Huo, Ding Yang, Liyan Shen, Shuqin Wen and Qiang Sun

    Citation: Global Health Research and Policy 2020 5:45

    Content type: Review

    Published on:

  3. China’s engagement in global affairs has changed substantially in the 2010s. One aspect of the country’s global reorientation has been its increased interest in, and willingness to play a role in, global healt...

    Authors: Lewis Husain, Gerald Bloom and Sam McPherson

    Citation: Global Health Research and Policy 2020 5:26

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

  4. Over the past few decades, a series of major challenges to global health have successively emerged, which call for China’s deeper engagement in global health governance. In this context, the China-UK Global He...

    Authors: Xiaohua Wang, Peilong Liu, Tongwu Xu, Yan Chen, Yang Yu, Xun Chen, Jingyi Chen and Zhaoyang Zhang

    Citation: Global Health Research and Policy 2020 5:13

    Content type: Report

    Published on: