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Genome engineering tools, methods, and applications

A new thematic series from BMC Microbiology and BMC Systems Biology is now accepting submissions.

New methods and strategies of genome engineering have been developed over the past few years. These are finding broad application in microbiology, biotechnology and synthetic biology. This series focuses on these approaches and their potential for future applications.

We invite submissions regarding how genome engineering methods are changing traditional microbial genetics, how they are applied in synthetic biology applications, and how they bridge the gap between the disciplines.

The series is guest edited by Prof. Trevor Charles (University of Waterloo). We encourage the submission of Research Articles and Methodology Articles. We also consider Debates and Reviews that provide perspective on developments in the area and potential for the future.

You can submit your manuscript to the online submission system of BMC Microbiology or BMC Systems Biology. Please state clearly in your covering letter that it is intended for the Genome engineering tools, methods, and applications thematic series. For further questions, please contact us at or

We look forward to receiving your submission.

Prof. Trevor Charles, Associate Editor, BMC Microbiology

Dr Tim Sands, Editor,  BMC Microbiology and BMC Systems Biology

  1. The bacterial chromosome may be used to stably maintain foreign DNA in the mega-base range. Integration into the chromosome circumvents issues such as plasmid replication, stability, incompatibility, and copy ...

    Authors: Rogelio Hernández-Tamayo, Gonzalo Torres-Tejerizo, Susana Brom and David Romero
    Citation: BMC Microbiology 2016 16:133