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Genome editing in domestic animals

Edited by: Prof Jae Yong Han

Genome editing is fundamental technology in modern biotechnology. Recent advances in genome editing have provided us opportunities to explore genetic information of several organisms. Especially, genome editing in domestic animals has been expected to establish novel animal lines which have high productivity.

In this regard, this special issue will consist of the papers related to recent progress on genome editing specifically in domestic animals including poultry, cattle and swine. The papers introduce unique genome editing strategy and current limitations in each species, and discuss future applications for advanced livestock industry.

This series was published in Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.

  1. The tools available for genome engineering have significantly improved over the last 5 years, allowing scientist to make precise edits to the genome. Along with the development of these new genome editing tool...

    Authors: Caitlin A. Cooper, Timothy J. Doran, Arjun Challagulla, Mark L. V. Tizard and Kristie A. Jenkins
    Citation: Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology 2018 9:15