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Governing the Climate Challenge and Energy Transition in Cities

Edited by: Dr Thomas Hoppe and Dr Ellen van Bueren

Cities form the key context in which social, economic and environmental challenges for sustainable development will manifest in the years to come. With the rise of attention to climate change and energy transition in recent years, local governments face the challenge to design and implement effective evidence-based policy strategies. A better understanding of local governance arrangements, climate policies and practices in cities is needed to support this.

  1. This article entails an innovative approach to smart grid technology implementation, as it connects governance research with legal analysis. We apply the empirico-legal ‘ILTIAD framework’, which combines Elino...

    Authors: Imke Lammers and Michiel A. Heldeweg
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2016 6:36
  2. In Germany, the energy system is undergoing reorganisation from a centralised system based on fossil fuels and nuclear power to a sustainable system based on decentralised production and consumption of energy,...

    Authors: Birte Viétor, Thomas Hoppe and Joy Clancy
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2015 5:5
  3. Community initiatives for renewable energy are emerging across Europe but with varying numbers, success rates and strategies. A literature overview identifies structural, strategic and biophysical conditions f...

    Authors: Marieke Oteman, Mark Wiering and Jan-Kees Helderman
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2014 4:11
  4. There is a growing body of literature that examines the role of local governments in addressing climate change vis-à-vis mitigation and adaptation. Although it appears that climate change mitigation strategies - ...

    Authors: Thomas Hoppe, Maya M van den Berg and Frans HJM Coenen
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2014 4:8
  5. Multiple channels of sustainable urban development could be managed in the process of an inter-disciplinary cooperation and creative involvement of all stakeholders. The paper aims to verify how the specific m...

    Authors: Gintaras Stauskis
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2014 4:7
  6. To achieve the ambition of the energy transition in the built environment, Dutch local governments try to motivate citizens to participate as communities in policy processes. There is a general expectation tha...

    Authors: Maurits PT Sanders, Michiel A Heldeweg, Elly GP Straatman and Johan FDB Wempe
    Citation: Energy, Sustainability and Society 2014 4:4