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The future of health markets

Published in Globalization and Health

© NicoElNino / stock.adobe.comHealth markets across the globe are changing rapidly in light of dynamic emerging economies and increased purchasing power, changing views on the role of the state and markets, a global push to achieve universal health coverage, and technological change, notably increased access to information and communication (ICT) technologies. Collectively these factors are driving the emergence of diverse new models for organizing service provision, including innovative provider networks, direct to client marketing, and collaborations between formal and informal providers. This collection seeks to capture different perspectives on the future of health markets with a particular view to understanding how these changes affect access to quality services for the world’s poor. For example we solicit papers that document trends in market based service delivery models, explore the nature of new provider networks, or assess the impact of ICT innovations for the poor. 

  1. Given the rapid evolution of health markets, learning is key to promoting the identification and uptake of health market policies and practices that better serve the needs of the poor. However there are signif...

    Authors: Sara Bennett, Gina Lagomarsino, Jeffrey Knezovich and Henry Lucas
    Citation: Globalization and Health 2014 10:54
  2. The rapid evolution and spread of health markets across low and middle-income countries (LMICs) has contributed to a significant increase in the availability of health-related goods and services around the wor...

    Authors: Gerald Bloom, Spencer Henson and David H Peters
    Citation: Globalization and Health 2014 10:53