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Extending evidence-based medicine

Edited by: Prof Trisha Greenhalgh

The science of evidence-based medicine (EBM) is more than 20 years old. Unsurprisingly the movement has produced both an established orthodoxy and dissenting voices. This series of papers, whose authors include both ‘orthodox’ and ‘dissenting’ perspectives, considers how EBM might be extended beyond the epidemiological focus of its founding fathers. We invite comments from readers and anticipate that this series will provoke an important contemporary debate on what EBM is and what it should become.

Collection published in: Trials, BMC Medicine, BMC Medical Ethics.

  1. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has always required integration of patient values with ‘best’ clinical evidence. It is widely recognized that scientific practices and discoveries, including those of EBM, are val...

    Authors: Michael P. Kelly, Iona Heath, Jeremy Howick and Trisha Greenhalgh
    Citation: BMC Medical Ethics 2015 16:69
  2. The ability to do online searches for health information has led to concerns that patients find the results confusing and that they often lead to expectations for treatments that have little supportive evidenc...

    Authors: Glyn Elwyn, Casey Quinlan, Albert Mulley, Thomas Agoritsas, Per Olav Vandvik and Gordon Guyatt
    Citation: BMC Medicine 2015 13:199