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Call for Papers: Evolutionary Genomics

Guest editors Sarah Tishkoff and Hans Ellegren

© Credit: David Brossard, CC BY-SA 2The issue, which is planned for the first half of 2018, will be guest edited by Professor Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Professor Hans Ellegren, Uppsala University, Sweden, and will also include commissioned Reviews and Opinions on timely topics, written by leaders in the field.

The study of evolution is being transformed by the use and integration of ‘big data’ with other well-established approaches, to advance our understanding of evolutionary processes. Genome Biology will highlight these advances in evolutionary genomics with a special issue showcasing important work in this area. 

The special issue will accept Research, Method, and Software manuscript submissions presenting outstanding contributions that apply -omic methods and data to questions of evolutionary importance, including (but not limited to) in the areas of:

Phylogenomics — Comparative Genomics — Molecular Evolution — Genome Evolution — Selection and Adaptation — Speciation — Evo Devo — Human Evolution — Population Genomics

Submission deadline: 12th January 2018

Please use the online submission system, and indicate in your covering letter that you would like the manuscript to be considered for the ‘Evolutionary Genomics’ special issue. If you would like to inquire about the suitability of a manuscript for consideration, please email a pre-submission inquiry to

Tim Sands
Special issue editor, Genome Biology

Louisa Flintoft
Chief Editor, Genome Biology

Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Hans Ellegren, Uppsala University, Sweden
Guest editors