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Pan-European tick distributions: where are they now, and where are they going?

This article collection has been created for veterinarians, parasitologists and researchers to provide a substantial amount of scientific information around current and projected future tick occurrences at a European-level, along with precise country-level data.

There has been a lack of information on tick occurrence at a European level, which hinders the veterinary profession’s ability to accurately deliver pet owners with parasite protection advice. This collection includes three University of Liverpool manuscripts on historic data sets, a tick distribution model and projected future tick distribution within the climate change hypothesis. This is further complemented with local tick collection studies. These manuscripts provide extensive reports of tick presence by individual country.

The article processing charges for the articles in the collection have been funded either by The University of Liverpool or by MSD Animal Health and a detailed conflict of interest statement is included within each article. The articles in this collection have undergone the journal’s standard peer-review process and each article can also be found individually in the journal.

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