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Synthesising environmental evidence to inform policy challenges

The Environmental Evidence for the Future (EEF) Initiative funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council emerged from the need to build on and strengthen the environmental evidence base in the long-term, by working in close collaboration with relevant UK policy makers and agencies to identify and define crucial environmental policy challenges. Priority challenges were listed through a series of stakeholder workshops and consultations, and responses also indicated that there was a need to undertake a synthesis of existing knowledge. This article collection contains the first systematic evidence maps conducted under this programme in response to the stakeholder challenges.


  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a vital step in limiting climate change and meeting the goals outlined in the COP 21 Paris Agreement of 2015. Studies have suggested that agriculture accounts for around 11...

    Authors: Alexandra M. Collins, Neal R. Haddaway, Biljana Macura, James Thomas, Nicola Randall, Jessica J. Taylor, Steve Cooke and Alyssa Gilbert

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2019 8:38

    Content type: Systematic Map Protocol

    Published on:

  2. The concept of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) has evolved as an umbrella concept embracing concepts such as Green/Blue/Nature Infrastructure, Ecosystem Approach, Ecosystem Services, but at their core, they clust...

    Authors: Jan Dick, James D. Miller, Jonathan Carruthers-Jones, Anne J. Dobel, Steve Carver, Angus Garbutt, Alison Hester, Rosie Hails, Victoria Magreehan and Melina Quinn

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2019 8:37

    Content type: Systematic Map Protocol

    Published on:

  3. Anthropogenic degradation of marine ecosystems is widely accepted as a major social-ecological problem. The growing urgency to better manage marine ecosystems has led to the increasing application of ‘spatial ...

    Authors: Bethan C. O’Leary, Bryce D. Stewart, Emma McKinley, Prue F. E. Addison, Chris Williams, Griffin Carpenter, David Righton and Katherine L. Yates

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2019 8:34

    Content type: Systematic Map Protocol

    Published on: