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2013 Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) Symposium

Edited by Prof Jerry Ratcliffe

This special series contains selected papers from the 2013 Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis symposium held in Philadelphia, PA (USA) and hosted by the Center for Security and Crime Science at Temple University.
Collection published: 22 September 2013 

  1. There is a broad consensus that the Internet has greatly expanded possibilities for traditional transit crimes such as wildlife trafficking. However, the extent to which the Internet is exploited by criminals ...

    Authors: Anita Lavorgna
    Citation: Crime Science 2014 3:5
  2. Many studies have sought to explain the major crime declines experienced in most advanced countries. Key hypotheses relate to: lead poisoning; abortion legalization; drug markets; demographics; policing number...

    Authors: Graham Farrell
    Citation: Crime Science 2013 2:5