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The Dll4/Notch pathway as a therapeutic target in tumors

Edited by Jan Kitajewski

This Vascular Cell review series, developed by leaders in pharmaceutical and academic cancer research, presents an update on efforts to block tumor growth by targeting the Dll4/Notch pathway. This pathway is active during tumor angiogenesis and in cancer stem cells. The excitement about the effective targeting of tumors using this approach and the challenge of minimizing adverse responses are key points of discussion.

  1. Anti-angiogenesis agents and the identification of cancer stem-like cells (CSC) are opening new avenues for targeted cancer therapy. Recent evidence indicates that angiogenesis regulatory pathways and developm...

    Authors: Jian-Wei Gu, Paola Rizzo, Antonio Pannuti, Todd Golde, Barbara Osborne and Lucio Miele
    Citation: Vascular Cell 2012 4:7