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Digital Vaccine Certificates

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Archives of Public Health invites you to submit to our new collection on digital vaccination certificates.

Vaccine certificates for meningitis and polio are widely used, and vaccine passports for yellow fever are required for travel to certain countries as they prevent, protect, and control the spread of disease. Individuals may be denied entry if they are unable to demonstrate their vaccination status.

While there have been plans to issue vaccine passports for COVID-19, it is still under debate by various governments. Physical certificates are widely accepted, whereas digital certificates have created unease. Ethical considerations must be explored to address existing inequalities and division, as it could, for example, make it difficult for people in low- and middle-income countries to meet the standards for compliance.

We invite research and commentaries on the current debate related to vaccine certification, access to vaccines and inequalities between communities, as well as proposed and in effect policies. In particular, we are interested in research around domestic and international certifications, public health policy, and the future and longevity of digital vaccine certificates.

Manuscripts should be formatted according to our submission guidelines and submitted via our online submission system. During the submission process, please make sure the correct collection title is chosen at the 'Additional Information' step. Please also indicate clearly in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for this collection.

The collection has not been sponsored and each submitted article will undergo the journal’s standard peer review process and be subject to an article-processing charge.

There are currently no articles in this collection.