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Evolutionary Biology 150 years after the 'Origin': is a post-modern synthesis in sight?

Dr Eugene V Koonin

  1. Divergence of two independently evolving sequences that originated from a common ancestor can be described by two parameters, the asymptotic level of divergence E and the rate r at which this level of divergence ...

    Authors: Alexey S Kondrashov, Inna S Povolotskaya, Dmitry N Ivankov and Fyodor A Kondrashov
    Citation: Biology Direct 2010 5:5
  2. Sequence related families of genes and proteins are common in bacterial genomes. In Escherichia coli they constitute over half of the genome. The presence of families and superfamilies of proteins suggest a hi...

    Authors: Margrethe H Serres, Alastair RW Kerr, Thomas J McCormack and Monica Riley
    Citation: Biology Direct 2009 4:46
  3. It is well-known that Charles Darwin sketched abstract trees of relationship in his 1837 notebook, and depicted a tree in the Origin of Species (1859). Here I attempt to place Darwin's trees in historical context...

    Authors: Mark A Ragan
    Citation: Biology Direct 2009 4:43
  4. The year 2009 is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jean-Bapteste Lamarck's Philosophie Zoologique and the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. Lamarck believed that evolution ...

    Authors: Eugene V Koonin and Yuri I Wolf
    Citation: Biology Direct 2009 4:42
  5. The concept of a tree of life is prevalent in the evolutionary literature. It stems from attempting to obtain a grand unified natural system that reflects a recurrent process of species and lineage splittings ...

    Authors: Eric Bapteste, Maureen A O'Malley, Robert G Beiko, Marc Ereshefsky, J Peter Gogarten, Laura Franklin-Hall, François-Joseph Lapointe, John Dupré, Tal Dagan, Yan Boucher and William Martin
    Citation: Biology Direct 2009 4:34