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Dial-a-Molecule is an EPSRC funded Grand Challenge network with the vision that:
“In 20-40 years, scientists will be able to deliver any desired molecule within a timeframe useful to the end-user, using safe, economically viable and sustainable processes.”
The Dial-a-Molecule network builds on three interrelated themes to provide a coordinated and cross-disciplinary approach to address the Grand Challenge: Lab of the Future & Synthetic Route Selection, A Step Change in Molecular Synthesis and Catalytic Paradigms for Efficient Synthesis. Publications in the Dial-a-Molecule thematic series spanned the focus areas within these main themes, and served to summarise the state of the art and highlight the latest developments being made towards realising the Grand Challenge.

  1. The incorporation of two different monomers, having different properties, in the same polymer molecule leads to the formation of new materials with great scientific and commercial importance. The basic require...

    Authors: Ameen Hadi Mohammed, Mansor B. Ahmad, Nor Azowa Ibrahim and Norhazlin Zainuddin
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2018 12:15
  2. Computational prediction of reaction outcomes and optimum synthetic routes was a two-day meeting and workshop organised by the EPSRC Dial-a-molecule grand challenge network. Forty delegates discussed computer ...

    Authors: Kelly J. Kilpin, Jonathan M. Goodman, A. Peter Johnson and Richard J. Whitby
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2015 9:49