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Cell therapy & skin regeneration

Edited by: Zhe Li

Severe burns damage skin structures and skin cellular components, the essential building blocks and machinery for wound repair and skin regeneration.

Cell-based therapies as alternative or adjunct devices to standard skin grafting have demonstrated therapeutic potentials at cellular, molecular and tissue regenerative levels in severe burn wound healing. Cell therapy may be utilized to deliver various types of living cells that are critically needed for wound repair. The delivered cells could produce the essential molecules or biological factors that regulate the process of wound healing. Furthermore, cell therapy in combination with dermal regenerative templates would enable the development of scaffold-guided skin tissue engineering that potentially hold the ultimate resolution for burn wound healing and complete skin regeneration.

This thematic collection includes expert reviews on current knowledge and challenging issues in cell therapy for burns. Although significant advances have been made in past decades, many challenging issues are still to be solved to achieve the full impact of cell therapy in burn wound care.

This series was published in Burns & Trauma

  1. There is a vast number of treatments on the market for the management of wounds and burns, representing a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. These include conventional wound dressings, dressings that inc...

    Authors: Rachael Zoe Murray, Zoe Elizabeth West, Allison June Cowin and Brooke Louise Farrugia
    Citation: Burns & Trauma 2019 7:2
  2. Cell therapy has emerged as an important component of life-saving procedures in treating burns. Over past decades, advances in stem cells and regenerative medicine have offered exciting opportunities of develo...

    Authors: Zhe Li and Peter Maitz
    Citation: Burns & Trauma 2018 6:13