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Child Sexual Abuse: Analysis and Intervention

Edited by Dr. Danielle Reynald, Dr. Ella Cockbain

We are delighted to have the chance to bring together leading researchers and practitioners worldwide for Crime Science’s first special edition on child sexual abuse. Importantly, we welcomed here contributions from both academics and practitioners (either separately or through co-authored papers). We envisage that this will help promote interactions between these parties and bridge the gap between research and practice in the area of child sexual abuse and its prevention. This special issue is designed to increase awareness of and interest in theoretical, empirical and practical developments in child protection and the prevention of child sexual abuse.
Collection published: 30 July 2015

  1. In this study we examine the internal (domestic) sex trafficking of British children using unique data from six major police investigations. This particular type of internal sex trafficking (sometimes known as...

    Authors: Ella Cockbain and Richard Wortley
    Citation: Crime Science 2015 4:35
  2. This study aimed to examine the association between different characteristics of sexual abuse and adverse family outcomes in later life. Through archived court files, a large sample of Dutch men and women who...

    Authors: Rinke de Jong and Catrien Bijleveld
    Citation: Crime Science 2015 4:34
  3. How to prevent child sexual abuse in youth-oriented organisations is a concern in our society for a number of reasons. One of these is that evidence indicates that sexual offenders, once they are recruited by ...

    Authors: Benoit Leclerc, Jessica Feakes and Jesse Cale
    Citation: Crime Science 2015 4:28
  4. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) has only recently been publicly acknowledged as a problem in India. A welcome development has been the enactment of a special law—Protection of Children against Sexual Offences (POCSO)...

    Authors: Jyoti Belur and Brijesh Bahadur Singh
    Citation: Crime Science 2015 4:26
  5. The aim of this study was to examine from the routine activities approach how victim age might help to explain the timing, context and nature of offenders’ first known contact sexual abuse incident. One-hundre...

    Authors: Nadine McKillop, Sarah Brown, Richard Wortley and Stephen Smallbone
    Citation: Crime Science 2015 4:17